A Better Understanding of Chronic Pain

The concept that“pain is pain”and that chronic pain is simply acute pain continuing for too long is archaic and wrong.

This misconception leads to:

1. General misunderstanding of what chronic pain is

2. Inadequate and inappropriate treatment of the pain

  • incorrect medication –
  • medication dose escalationc. overdosing of medication
  • unnecessary special investigations radiology -cost!!
  • unnecessary surgery or repeat surgery – especially spine surgery

3. General neglect of these patients:

  • doctor doesn‟t know what to do anymore
  • patients get told it‟s in their head –to psychologist or psychiatrist
  • patients get told they must “learn to live with it”
  • change behaviour‟.

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Presentation published on the web site University of Pretoria
Managment of Chronic Pain

Russell Raath MBChB MMed FIPP
Anaesthesiologist and Chronic Pain Practitioner
Jakaranda Pain Clinic Pretoria

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