Fibromyalgia – is it a mystery? Ebook

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Many times, we have all heard:
“Fibromyalgia does NOT exist”.
“Fibromyalgia is purely psychological – all in the head”
This is always said by someone who obviously has never had fibromyalgia themselves, or has never done any research or study to find out what it is. I did.
It turns out that fibromyalgia does not exist – as a disease or sickness – ‘something you picked up somewhere”.
BUT it DOES exist as a state or condition your body finds itself in.
It is this state which by a variety of actions all result in a common pathway causing the classic state called Fibromyalgia.
This state can be reversed thus even curing fibromyalgia – and it’s not even difficult to do.
In this book Dr Russell Raath explains what fibromyalgia really is and gives tips on what you can do to even cure it or at least reduce its symptoms.
Dr Raath shows that the pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia
are like the smoke of a fire that is bothering you. You can try to get rid
of the smoke – the symptoms and pain of fibromyalgia, or you can put out the fire and the smoke will go away by itself.
Dr Raath shows you what the fire is and how to put it out.




2 reviews for Fibromyalgia – is it a mystery? Ebook

  1. Nicole

    Excellent book, have been following the advice and eating plan now for 3 weeks and feel fantastic, my fibro symptoms have improved drastically

  2. Marc de Villiers (verified owner)

    Excellent book and have been enjoying it…

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